Ask for what you need

On Sunday, we saw 2 woodpecker holes on our house trim. My husband, who can do almost anything, said he could fix them, but not without a forty foot ladder. We prayed about our need. (We know where to rent one, but our car is small.)

On Wednesday I drove through town, asking the Lord if there was ladder we could use. I noticed a Comcast truck with a ladder, but it didn’t seem right, so I kept praying. I passed the fire station; they have ladders, but woodpecker holes aren’t an emergency so I didn’t stop. Then I saw two men using a big tall ladder. I stopped. I prayed for favor. I asked if I could rent their ladder. They offered to deliver it to our house.

It’s Thursday morning. The woodpecker holes are fixed and I’m waiting for them to pick up their ladder.

If you need something, remember to pray about it. And after you’ve prayed, look for God’s answer.

(These men live an hour from our town. I think God gave them a job here, yesterday and today, so we could use their ladder. I told them they were an answer to my prayer. I’ll tell them again today. God will be glorified.)





2 thoughts on “Ask for what you need

  1. I love to hear about specific prayers being answered! When you pray so specifically, there’s no denying that God is the one at work. Thanks for sharing!
    Meghan Hinkley

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