If you ask God for a quarter . . .

I arrived at the food store and realized I had no coins or cash. That was a problem because I needed a quarter to be able to use a shopping cart.

I asked the Lord for a quarter.

I walked across the parking lot looking for a quarter on the ground. I walked into the store, and then to the ladies room.

I kept asking the Lord for a quarter.

I thought through my options.  I could ask the security guard for a quarter, but this is a city and people are always begging. I could ask a cashier, but there were long lines of people waiting to buy food.

I kept asking, Lord, what should I do? I need a quarter.

I walked over to the shopping carts, and there was a cart, sitting, alone, not connected to the others. I didn’t need a quarter to use it. Someone had left it there for me.

The Lord didn’t give me a quarter. He gave me what I needed–a shopping cart. 

Your Father knows what you need before you ask him (Matthew 6:8).

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