R.G. LeTourneau’s Prayer

Deeply worried, LeTourneau prayed, “Don’t let me down now, Lord. I’ve got all this work, and if you let me down, I’m ruined.”

Right then he saw his mistake and hastened to say, “Lord, I didn’t mean that. I’m not asking You not to let me down. I’m asking you to help me not let you down. I’m not asking to use You. I’m asking you to use me.”*

*R.G. LeTourneau, Mover of Men and Mountains, p. 158.

**We’re reading this book because two of our nieces are students at LeTourneau University, which was founded by R.G. LeTourneau.

4 thoughts on “R.G. LeTourneau’s Prayer

  1. Letourneau University is celebrating 75 years. God has been so faithful and I have seen Him working in the lives of students on this campus in the short month or so that I have been here! It is so cool that God chose to use R.G. to have a blessing on so many people.
    A Letourneau Freshman

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