God answers prayer. That excites me. It always will. But the best thing about prayer is that it brings us close to God. He always listens. He always loves. He always does what is good. He’s always there. Join me as I learn how to talk with God about everything.

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  1. I have a Face Book page my publisher started it is the name of my book on prayer and building an intimate relationship with God titled: Audience of One at the Mercy Seat: A Place of Prayer and Intimacy with God. Currently it has inspirational quotes and encouragements. I have tried to attach the blog on praise reports to it but not sure how to do that. Any suggestions? I’d also like to attach this blog, if it is alright. I enjoy your posts. Check out the FB page and see what you think. God bless you for your faithfulness to encourage others to and through prayer!
    Thanks! Liz

  2. HI! I am another Liz…got to say it blew my mind when I read “Hi Liz”‘; I thought how’d they know my name? (lol) I am enjoying reading your blog. I, too, am a prayer warrior. I believe praying the Bible is a very powerful way to pray. I am new to blogging and don’t really know what they are all about. I want to start a blog that will focus on answered prayers. It will be a place to give thanks and praise God for answers; that will in turn, hopefully encourage those still in the midst of battles. Any advice/help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Liz H

      • I currently now seeking sites to start the blog on answered prayers/praise reports. I will let you know once I have it going. Blessings to you!

  3. I, too, believe God always answers our prayers. But, He has rarely answered mine in ways I had expected. And this is good. For He, not I, knows what is best for me, what I truly need. God bless!

  4. Hey, the LORD brought me directly here…I mean directly… I have prayed with Moms in touch for many years… since I first heard Fern Nichols on Focus on the Family when my daughter as in preschool… She will bbe 24 in March… My son just graduated high school… prayer has been a passionate blessing for me… My pastor has asked me to head up a prayer ministry for our church… I was so afraid to say yes beause I have seen so many prayer ministries languish on the vine… but so many are fearful and uninformed about the nature and diversity of prayer… I told them I would “pray” about it and as the LORD began to reveal different avenues to pursue I felt HIM leading me to seek out a blog about prayer… imagine my chuckle when I realized HE actually meant ww.ablogaboutprayer.com. I have only just begun reading your posts and resources and have felt a great peace… I look forward to cotiuing and gettin to know you better! `Liz 🙂

    • Liz, Hi.
      God bless you. We are praying with and for you and all the saints of God. We pray He bless those whom are sharing the truth of His Word with open doors to spread the true gospel and see the lost souls saved. What a blessing to serve Jesus.

      We too are called to pray and to be prayer ministers. You may like this website too – http://www.powerinprayerministries.com

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