For Friends Who Suffer

Three times Paul begged the Lord to take the tormenting thorn away (from 2 Corinthians 12:8).”

Can you see yourself doing the same thing? Pleading, begging for release from sorrow or suffering. Can you see God bending down to listen? Can you hear him saying to you, “My grace is all you need. My grace is sufficient for you. My grace is enough. My power works best in weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9 NLT, ESV, MSG).”

When God’s Answers Take Time

Sometimes we pray for a long time without seeing change. Consider the Israelites and have hope.

They cried for help. God heard, remembered his covenant and knew it was time to act. But first, He appeared to Moses and told him the rescue plan. When Moses went to Egypt, life got harder for the Israelites. Even Moses said, “You have done nothing to rescue them (Exodus 5:23)!” God sent ten plagues, one at a time. The Israelites journeyed to and then through the Red Sea. That was when they finally saw God’s answer to their prayers.*

*Read the whole story in Exodus 1 -15.

A Good Reason to Journal

As I looked through my journal, I read, “My daughter is sick. I don’t know why. Lord, you do! When you were here you healed people from morning to night. You are able to heal her. Are you willing?”

She’s better now. I almost forgot she had been sick.

My journal reminded me to pray, “Thank you, Lord, for healing our daughter! You are the Lord who heals (Exodus 15:26).”