When an Idea Doesn’t Make Sense

I was in food store. A thought flashed across my mind, “Buy celery.” I argued in my head. We don’t like celery.” The thought came again. “Buy celery.” I argued again. “When I buy celery, we throw most of it away.”

My young daughter came home with a note from her teacher. “Can you please send celery to school tomorrow?”

I learned a lesson that day. When an idea or thought just doesn’t make sense, it could be from God.

Restored Relationship

Their relationship, although tainted by deceit, was one of mutual blessing. But things happened and there was no longer favor between them.

To the one, God said, “I have seen all. . . whatever God has said to you, do (Genesis 31:12-16).”

To the other, God said, “Be careful not to say anything to Jacob, either good or bad (Genesis 31:24).”

Both men listened to God and their relationship was restored. Read the whole story in Genesis 29-31.