Our youngest 14 month old grandson had surgery (ear tubes) last week. We were concerned that he’d cry (well scream) when they took him from his parents to go to the operating room.

He’s usually more comfortable with men than women, except for his mom, so we prayed that a male would carry him back.

Here’s what my daughter texted while he was in surgery. “They took him back. A male anesthesiologist was holding him and he was happy. Praise the Lord!”

Greta’s Answer to Prayer

When we “tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power and the wonders he has done” then they “put their trust in God (Psalm 78:4-7).”

Greta* recently told me, “My stomach hurt so I prayed and my stomach stopped hurting.”

*Greta, our very much loved granddaughter, turns six years old today.

Undeserved Privilege

We’ve prayed. You’ve prayed. And the Lord answered.

Yesterday our offer on a condo was accepted. We will enjoy living with a gorgeous city view and Lake Michigan in our backyard. (The short commute to work will be wonderful too). But even better than that, we have the lasting joy of knowing the Lord who gave because He loves.

Thank you for helping us pray!


Pray Salvation for Others

Today my friend told me, “My running partner was saved last week! I’d been praying for her salvation, using your blog’s prayer guide called “Praying Salvation For Others.*”

Her answered prayer could be yours. Print a copy of the guide and keep on praying!

Click here to download this prayer guide: Praying Salvation for Others

*Adapted from: Copyright ©2007, The Navigators, Discipleship Journal<> . All rights reserved

God’s Involvement

We prayed, together, about my husband’s trip to Kenya. Here’s what happened:

“My entire travel experience was perfect — like clockwork. Even saw God’s involvement when I tried to change my seat in Amsterdam (because my Amsterdam to Nairobi seat was by a door bulkhead with “no legroom”). I was working on it, trying to get an upgrade for 30 Euros so I would have legroom. The machine wouldn’t process the request — even after three tries. Then a KLM guy came up, asked what I was doing, and told me the bulkhead seat was one of the best on the plane. People pay extra for it. And it was the only seat left on the plane (full flight). “Trust me,” he said.

It was perfect. Tons of legroom, with a window, and direct access to the bathroom. God knows. :)”

God answers prayer.