When People Pray

When we learned she was in labor, we enlisted an army of people to pray for our daughter. She was very sick with Covid.

Her covid symptoms disappeared when she walked into the hospital to have the baby. They came back the next day, but she’s improving steadily and able to care for her sweet baby boy.

The Lord listens when people pray.

Our Daily Bread

My daughter texted: I left early early for work this morning. I didn’t make a lunch last night and didn’t want to wake everyone up making a lunch this morning. So I prayed there would be food here today.

And there was!!!!!! I enjoyed a surprise birthday breakfast for someone and leftover lunch from some bigwig meeting.

I like it when I decide to pray about something.


Ask for what you need

On Sunday, we saw 2 woodpecker holes on our house trim. My husband, who can do almost anything, said he could fix them, but not without a forty foot ladder. We prayed about our need. (We know where to rent one, but our car is small.)

On Wednesday I drove through town, asking the Lord if there was ladder we could use. I noticed a Comcast truck with a ladder, but it didn’t seem right, so I kept praying. I passed the fire station; they have ladders, but woodpecker holes aren’t an emergency so I didn’t stop. Then I saw two men using a big tall ladder. I stopped. I prayed for favor. I asked if I could rent their ladder. They offered to deliver it to our house.

It’s Thursday morning. The woodpecker holes are fixed and I’m waiting for them to pick up their ladder.

If you need something, remember to pray about it. And after you’ve prayed, look for God’s answer.

(These men live an hour from our town. I think God gave them a job here, yesterday and today, so we could use their ladder. I told them they were an answer to my prayer. I’ll tell them again today. God will be glorified.)





Why to Talk about Answers to Prayer

Samuel said, Stand here quietly before the Lord as I remind you of all the great things
He has done for you.” 

“You cried out to the Lord. He rescued you.
You cried out again. He rescued you again.
You asked for a king.The Lord granted your request.”

Talk about answers to prayer to inspire worship and obedience (see 1 Samuel 12:7-14).