Eagles Nest at High Falls – 4

We sat reading on the back deck of Eagles Nest. I looked up and saw two eagles glide above the gorge, effortlessly riding the currents of air.

Those of us who pray can be like those eagles.

They who wait for the Lord will renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles (Isaiah 40:31).


Eagles Nest at High Falls – 1

Our summer was joyful and busy. Two of our daughters were married!

My husband and I planned a week away after the second wedding, but we needed a place to stay. One night as I looked at cabins to rent, the computer seemed to have a mind of its own. Frustrated, I took my hands off the key board and prayed, “Lord, we want to go somewhere to spend time alone with you and each other.  You know where we should go. I don’t.”

I opened my eyes, tapped the computer, and saw this: http://www.restorationlogcabinrentals.com/eagles-nest-at-high-falls.html.

The Lord had led us to the place where we would go. That’s what He does when people pray.