God’s Father-Love

I cycled past four dads today:
One sprinted behind the jogger that held his infant daughter.
The second plodded slowly, pushing his toddler aged son.
Another followed behind two elementary aged children; all three rode like the wind.
The last rode beside his young daughter, patiently keeping pace with her.

I saw God’s Father-love:
He carries us when we’re young, small, weak.
He goes behind us, inspiring us.
He goes beside us as our Father-friend.
He always includes us.

I want to pray.

Longing for God

While watching my eighteen month old granddaughter, I learned about prayer.

Work kept her daddy away from home for most of the summer. When he returned she didn’t want to leave his side, even for a moment. When he went to the bathroom, she followed, and sat waiting outside the door until he was done.

Do you long for God, like she longs for her daddy?

Do you let longing for God inspire prayer?