My Father’s House

We pulled into the driveway and my mom came running out to greet us. Later, my dad came to sit beside me, saying, “I want to sit by you for a minute.”

We listened to John’s gospel on the way home. Jesus’s words, “I will come back and take you to be with me (John 14:3)” jumped out at me.

God wants to be with us, just like earthly parents do.

Until the day when he takes us home to heaven, let’s pray, because prayer is being with God.

When Heaven is Home

She was pregnant
We were glad.
Unborn baby died
We were sad.

Now baby lives with Jesus
She worships at His feet.

Does she see the golden bowls
Holding prayers we prayed for her?
Does she know we’ll one day join her?

We are sad and we are glad
Heaven is the only home she’ll ever know.*

*I am baby’s grandma. I’ll know if baby is a girl or boy when we meet in heaven.