When an Idea Doesn’t Make Sense

I was in food store. A thought flashed across my mind, “Buy celery.” I argued in my head. We don’t like celery.” The thought came again. “Buy celery.” I argued again. “When I buy celery, we throw most of it away.”

My young daughter came home with a note from her teacher. “Can you please send celery to school tomorrow?”

I learned a lesson that day. When an idea or thought just doesn’t make sense, it could be from God.

How to Dialogue with God, Part 4

“When she prayed, she talked. When stopped talking, she stopped praying. It had never occurred to her before that she should try listening in prayer.”*

Good conversation, with God or man, isn’t just talking.

Everyone should be quick to listen and slow to speak (James 1:19).

*T. Davis Bunn, The Gift, p.40.