If you ask God for a quarter . . .

I arrived at the food store and realized I had no coins or cash. That was a problem because I needed a quarter to be able to use a shopping cart.

I asked the Lord for a quarter.

I walked across the parking lot looking for a quarter on the ground. I walked into the store, and then to the ladies room.

I kept asking the Lord for a quarter.

I thought through my options.  I could ask the security guard for a quarter, but this is a city and people are always begging. I could ask a cashier, but there were long lines of people waiting to buy food.

I kept asking, Lord, what should I do? I need a quarter.

I walked over to the shopping carts, and there was a cart, sitting, alone, not connected to the others. I didn’t need a quarter to use it. Someone had left it there for me.

The Lord didn’t give me a quarter. He gave me what I needed–a shopping cart. 

Your Father knows what you need before you ask him (Matthew 6:8).

Even Before You Ask

We wrote on the valet parking board that we wanted the car at 4 PM the next day. The garage attendants thought we had written 4 AM, so they put our car in the early morning line-up.*

The next morning,  we decided my husband should drive the car to work, rather than have me take it downtown after school. When he went to the parking garage, our car was ready and waiting.

God gives what we need, no matter what we ask.

*Our valet parking garage has about 200 cars in it. Attendants line the cars up at night so each one is available at precisely the right time. It’s very difficult to make a change during early morning rush hour.

Before we asked, God answered

Two important documents fell from my purse. God noticed.

A young man found one in a parking lot. He brought it to the store’s courtesy desk. They called me. It was found before I knew it was lost.

But now I knew the other document was missing. We searched. We prayed. We asked others to pray. We searched some more. God watched.

The next morning I had a Facebook message. A young mom had walked over the document, then went back to pick it up so it wouldn’t fall into the wrong hands. She would give it to a mutual friend at church.

God used the kind goodness of others to answer our prayers, even before we prayed (see Matthew 6:8).