A New Story of Answered Prayer

An old neighbor called to talk about the recent Black Forest Fire. She said,  “Six weeks before the fire, I asked the Lord how I should spend my extra money. He told me to cut down the trees closest to my house. I did. Having those trees down made it easier for the firemen to save my home.

Since my husband died, my Lord is the one who looks after me. I turned my mind over to the Lord and He takes care of me.”

For years our family prayed for her salvation.

How to deal with unanswered prayer

I ask.
I wait.
I don’t see God’s answer.

I examine my motives.
I remind myself
It’s not all about me.

I search the Scriptures
Looking for what God thinks
About what I’m asking.

If my request
seems pleasing to God
If I still long
for His answer

I keep asking.
I keep waiting.
I keep remembering
God answers prayer.

Stand Still and Watch for God’s Answer

The Lord said, “I have heard their cries of distress. I am aware of their suffering. I have come to rescue them (Exodus 3:7-8).”

But then their suffering increased, and even escalated into panic until Moses said, “Don’t be afraid. Just stand still and watch the Lord rescue you.” In the end, they saw the mighty power of the Lord and put their faith in him (from Exodus 5:6-23; 14: 13, 31).

People who pray sometimes wait.