A New Story of Answered Prayer

An old neighbor called to talk about the recent Black Forest Fire. She said,  “Six weeks before the fire, I asked the Lord how I should spend my extra money. He told me to cut down the trees closest to my house. I did. Having those trees down made it easier for the firemen to save my home.

Since my husband died, my Lord is the one who looks after me. I turned my mind over to the Lord and He takes care of me.”

For years our family prayed for her salvation.

How to deal with unanswered prayer

I ask.
I wait.
I don’t see God’s answer.

I examine my motives.
I remind myself
It’s not all about me.

I search the Scriptures
Looking for what God thinks
About what I’m asking.

If my request
seems pleasing to God
If I still long
for His answer

I keep asking.
I keep waiting.
I keep remembering
God answers prayer.