Prayer Testimonies 3

My favorite shoes have a velcro strap. On some days, the strap holds. Other days I can’t get it to stick. It’s annoying walk the halls at school with my shoe strap undone.

Today I asked the Lord to show me why. As soon as I prayed, the thought flashed across my mind that when I pull the strap too tight, it pops open.

God cares and knows about every little thing, even our shoes.

And, when we ask, He answers.

Prayer Testimonies 1

She prayed fervently that her dad would eat lunch with a particular man for a specific reason.

The two men did not eat lunch together, but after the conference her dad went to a restaurant with a friend. The man she had prayed about was seated at the table next to him.

My daughter is learning how exciting it is to partner with God, through specific prayer.