Sometimes we wait for people, even when we ask nicely. Someone else might have asked first. Maybe they’re too busy. Perhaps they don’t how to help. Maybe they don’t care.

Sometimes we wait for God, even when we pray fervently. But the reasons we wait for Him are not the same as the reasons we wait for people. He listens to every prayer. It doesn’t matter who prays first. He always has time. He can do anything and everything, and He always cares.

How could He not care? He gave His Son, Jesus, to die for sinners. For us.

So, as we pray, and wait for God to act, we’re rehearsing what’s true. God is good, powerful, loving and wise. And He wants us to ask until He answers (read Luke 18:1-8).

FYI: we’re still waiting for God to sell our house. I’ll let you know how God answers our prayers.