Parent & Child Conversation

“God intended prayer to be as simple and natural and as constant a part of our spiritual life as a relationship between a child and his parent.

As a large part of that relationship between child and and parent is simply asking and receiving, just so it is with our heavenly Parent.”*

*adapted from Rosalind Goforth, How I Know . . . God Answers Prayer, p.7-8.


Prayer Quotes by E.M. Bounds, Day 3

Prayer is not acting a part or going through religious motions.

Prayer is neither official nor formal nor ceremonial, but direct, hearty, intense.

Prayer is the helpless and needy child crying to the compassion of the father’s heart and the bounty and power of a father’s hand.*

*E.M. Bounds, The Complete Works of E.M. Bounds on Prayer, p.350.