Call on His Name

A light rain fell as we rode along the bike path. A racing bike shot past and hit a slick spot; instantly bike and rider were sprawled across the path in front of me.

I braked, hit that same slick spot, and lost control, and fell to the ground, shouting, “God!!” I am a little bruised and sore, but no bones are broken (see Psalm 34:20).

If you pray while life is peaceful, you will instinctively call on God in a crisis.


2 thoughts on “Call on His Name

  1. Very beautiful.

    I read the following to the kids the other day. I know you are familiar with it, but I hope it will be encouraging to you to read it again.

    First, God.

    God is the subject of life.

    God is foundational for living.

    If we don’t have a sense of the primacy of God,

    we will never get it right,

    Get life right, get our lives right.

    Not God at the margins,

    Not God as an option,

    Not God on the weekends.

    God at center and circumference,

    God first and last;

    God, God, God.

    Eugene Petersen in the introduction to Genesis

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